Potato Chops

  • Preferably dipped in ketchup or steak sauce, with side fresh cut tomatoes, pickles, onions as snack or appetizer.
  • Wrap two potato chops inside of pita bread with crisp lettuce leaves, tomatoes, pickles, onions with your per fence sauce as ketchup or steack sauce.

Kibbie Krass

  • Preferably dipped Yogurt-Garlic Sauce as snack or appetizer.
  • Kibbie Krass on the go with a bottle of yougurt drink (Ayran)
  • Wrap two pieces of Kibbie Krass inside a pita bread (prefered) or flat bread with crisp of lettuce leaves, tomatoes, pickles, onion with yogurt-garlic sauce (prefered) or ketchup or steak sacue.
  • Serve as Dinner Entree, heat 4 pcs with fresh cut tomato, pickles, pita bread with a glass of yogurt drink (Ayran).
  • Serve as appetizer 4 pcs kibbie halab, with fresh mint and plain yogurt.

Ground Kabob

  • Warm up two pieces kabob, have steak sauce or ketchup ready to dip and eat.
  • Great on the go sandwich! Wrap one piece kabob inside of pita bread with tomatos, onions, flat leaf parsley with little sprinkle of sumac and enjoy.
  • Traditional Dinner Entree: Heat two pieces kabob with cooked basmati rice, and your desired steamed vegetables with warm side of pita bread.

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